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Screen shot 2015-09-28 at 12.36.59 Your 3rd year modules

AD6000:  Major Research Project    (deadline 8th Feb)                    30

AD6510: Olio: Student Publication                                                                  15

AD6511: Major Project                                                                                        30

AD6512: Portfolio and Promotion                                                                     30





Screen shot 2015-12-16 at 16.00.44

for information about research project……..

Please email me the link to your blog –
for the deadline monday 8th
-unless you are using an extension. This will reveal itself online if you have – so check that you really have one arranged.

The time and date submitted will be from the time of your email.

I won’t be here tomorrow but will be today for any last min chat – or next tues. for those with MCs –

Everyone I have spoken to seems to be doing very well – making interesting things and thinking (visually) very usefully. Its a tough job wresting those two parts of your brain together –
Well Done everyone and Good luck.…/research-experiment-2/










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Monday – sds  


Tuesday –

RESEARCH PROJECT kp Tutorials – 

see me anytime this day.

AD6511: Major Project

   Fumio – Tutorials  (facebookformorefacts)


AD6000:  Major Research Project   kp

Screen shot 2016-01-15 at 16.31.42




Bring with you warm clothes, water proof clothes, wellie boots or boots that you can walk in …it will be muddy and perhaps snow! hats and gloves, a torch

You will need a towel all other bedding will be provided.

We will be providing toast /cereals for breakfast cheessy chips on Wednesday night, and a home cooked vegan meal on Thursday night
but bring along extras that you might like to eat, last time some students made cakes for us all, someone else made pancakes

You will need to bring lunch material for Wednesday and Thursday and Friday, there is a little shop in the village

Here we go…. we leave 9.30 from the bus stop Swindon road FCH. when we get to Parkend Dean Study centre we will sort out rooms. There is a kitchen, games, rooms, drying rooms, at the centre that we can use.
There is a village shop and cafe and two pubs.

KP will take you on a forest walk
Back to study centre tea and biscuits chill and relax and
we(Dolores-Andrew-Georginaer and me) will be making a (by massive popular demand) vegan chile .
The public house will still be available afterwards as a source of refreshing and soothing fluid.

DIY breakfast 8.30 ish
9.30 activities today involve leap of faith and KP puzzles us all
Mucking about in the Mud and I hope it snows
warm up and relax whilst
Andrew and Jen to cook a Vegan meal for you all
Treasure trail
KP will organise search the boar.

Breakfast 9 am
KP and AM wild walk……Underground Overground
Coach pick up 3pm back in Cheltenham about 4pm










Wednesday –

AD6512: Portfolio and Promotion      (facebookformorefacts)

(George 11.30

12.00 2015 meeting all 3rd yrs)





AD6512: Portfolio and Promotion (facebookformorefacts)

10.30 Dolores

Friday – sds








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North-By-Northwest-Gif-Image-north-by-northwest-31644733-500-272   AD5000: Professional Practice  15

AD5004: Major Practice and Research Project Planning                15

AD5505: Sequential Illustration                                                                        15

AD5506: Illustration for children                                                                        15

AD5507: Advanced Drawing and Authorial Practice                         30

AD5508: The Illustrator                                                                                    15

AD5005: Self-Publishing                                                                                     15

MD5505: Building Narrative Animation                                                           15   Screen shot 2015-10-09 at 12.49.52 LEVEL 5

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Monday AD5000:

10.00 – 11.30  Professional Practice – Georgina AD5508:



Tuesday 10.00 AD5507:  Advanced Drawing and Authorial Practice Jen – kp

AD5506: Illustration for children
9.30 George


AD5506: Illustration for children
9.30- Fumio


Friday sds   ………..



Beinked First Year

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 First year. 2016tumblr_msrfdv7ZAu1rm9sqwo1_400


check beinked facebook for updates

Monday AD4007 Life drawing

  morning group  9.30- 12-30

Tim Burgess
Emily Parkin
Jasmine Angell
Kate Lloyd
Emily Price
Georgia dean
Amber Blakeloch
Oscar Lee
Ellen Mobbs
Bjorn Treasure
Molly Kendal
Jasmine Palmer
Kay O’Shea
Nannah price
Alex Mitchell
Will Brown
Eve Cooper
Sofia Beecraft
Kanna Mizoe
Kate Bharucha
Afternoon Group 1pm -4pm
Chris Flynn
Alyssa Blyth
Sarah Cousins
Sam Davis
Abi Delaney
Alex Grffiths
Becci Johnson
Milly Lamb
Sibeal Ni Maidhin
Raf Miguez
Alex parker
Mary Prudence
Kat Ratcliffe
If I have missed anyone from the list or put you in the wrong group let me know and I will add to or change the list.
Introduction to Illustration with Andrew
AD4001 Creative Skills 
Self-directed studies


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