Beinked First Year

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 First year. 2016tumblr_msrfdv7ZAu1rm9sqwo1_400


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Monday AD4007 Life drawing

  morning group  9.30- 12-30

Tim Burgess
Emily Parkin
Jasmine Angell
Kate Lloyd
Emily Price
Georgia dean
Amber Blakeloch
Oscar Lee
Ellen Mobbs
Bjorn Treasure
Molly Kendal
Jasmine Palmer
Kay O’Shea
Nannah price
Alex Mitchell
Will Brown
Eve Cooper
Sofia Beecraft
Kanna Mizoe
Kate Bharucha
Afternoon Group 1pm -4pm
Chris Flynn
Alyssa Blyth
Sarah Cousins
Sam Davis
Abi Delaney
Alex Grffiths
Becci Johnson
Milly Lamb
Sibeal Ni Maidhin
Raf Miguez
Alex parker
Mary Prudence
Kat Ratcliffe
If I have missed anyone from the list or put you in the wrong group let me know and I will add to or change the list.
Introduction to Illustration with Andrew
AD4001 Creative Skills 
Self-directed studies


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