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MNSCR Top tips wellbeing booklet NH 2016 (1)brief

The booklet needs to engage all age groups and humans of all flavours to learn from the first hand guidance offered by the booklet and reach out from the rack of health advise booklets as interesting useful positive etc. Not somber pensive gloomy etc. Bright and sparky interesting and unusual maybe curious too.



structure your Introduction with a

definition of practice.

Evaluate your own work and the sources of your experiments – visual and

non- visual in terms of ….


Definition of your practice .


Define your intent/purpose communication objectives –

the enthusiasm/thought/narrative/idea/perspective

you would like to share with your audience.



Define your visual language as it is and your ambitions to develop , experiment–

Eg.Drawing, (line, media structure approach use of figures gesture expression, context observation media, technology, structure, sequence, abstraction, simplification, colour, tone, viewpoint, composition.)

(appropriate to your intent) in general and in particular.



Your ambitions for your creative practice – in general and in particular.

Where it might be placed how it might be used / applied.

(eg applications , outcomes, media platforms, audience, clients.)

(appropriate to your intent)




Wednesday the 14th

Roughs for Lost

Roughs for personal work/product/outcome.

Discuss pdf.

Festive eating (and possibly some drinking)


Jan 1th

Pdf presentations.( pre-deadline )

10.00 Lost artwork to Emma.

10.20  Tracy  – to me Aimee and Dan

10.40 Elizabeth  – to me .Ben and  Ro

11.00 Hannah – to me  Helen and Naomi

11.20 Kane          To me Tracy and Dan

11,40 Kate           to  me Hannah and Liz

12.00 Aimée       to me Ben and Kate

12.20 Dan           to me Helen and Aimee

12.40 Ro            to me Liz and Naomi

1.00 Ben              to me Kane and Ro

1.20 Helen          to me  Kate and Ben

1.40 Naomi        to   me Tracy and Kane

2.00 General feedback.

Wed 7th

to make a gif….

How to Create an Animated GIF in Photoshop
  1. Step 1: Upload your images to Photoshop. …
  2. Step 2: Open up the Timeline window. …
  3. Step 3: In the Timeline window, click “Create Frame Animation.” …
  4. Step 4: Create a new layer for each new frame. …
  5. Step 5: Open the same menu icon on the right, and choose “Make Frames From Layers.”

Black Lion Wharf, Wapping 1859 by James Abbott McNeill Whistler 1834-1903


Over the next 2 weeks  the task is to explore plan experiment and rough out possible outcomes born of your drawings,  explorations and discoveries.


For the deadline they need to be resolved only as much as they will be useful to reflect on and evaluate in terms of the intentions and targets you set yourself during the previous weeks.

December 7th –

Andrew will be doing a book binding workshop (if you think appropriate 10.00-1,00)

10.00 Emma will go through previous Riso prints and discuss publication.

Confirm details of ‘Lost’ collaborative publication – theme/ colour etc. (Emma will show examples and advise artwork requirements)

10.30 – 11.00 reflection and setting out of projects

Develop,discuss and structure ideas – roughs and experiments.

Discuss PDF structure and content (and in terms of experimental outcomes )

Experiment with process/ printing and production options.

1.30 any other business – trips christmas fun etc.


December 14th

Develop ‘dummy’ outcomes Discuss pdf –

Present Rough ideas for ‘Flock’ publication.


Dec 21st                                                                                     Christmas


Dec 28th442_002


Jan 4th

Jan 11th

artwork for LOST



Jan18th……..hand in pdf



Jan18th……………… all work for Angouleme need to be with Team Angouleme by 23rd at the latest as it has to be squirreled into the Pittville Press suitcase fleet.


Jan 25th. …………Team Angouleme leaves with books.


PDF information

The simple version of the structure I suggest you use

Identify and define the nature of your creative practice and your ambitions for it.

Identify and list things you consider particularly important. identify where you would like to extend your skills , knowledge and experience .

This should be an opening paragraph –

you  evaluate …..all……

The work you look at and use to initiate experiments.

The work you use to initiate your experiments should be wide ranging and inform your experiments in a variety of ways . include work which may match some of your intentions only in principle or some aspect .It may have an outcome very different from you own.

The experiments .

The drawings you produce

and the outcomes you consider and eventually produce .

In terms of your opening paragraph .


Wednesday 39th Nov.

10.00am – 11.30

drawing 4 images figure doing something. (bring props)

11.30 – 1.30

studio work

planning and structuring project.

1.30 –

Flock planning meeting.


group tutorial.


Bristol trip, scouting for shops

We went to Bristol and visited some craft and art shops to see if they would be suitable to show and sell our collaborative MA piece.
Here’s the information I collected…..

The friendly man at the Arts centre was Ollie, his email is:
He studied his MA in Bristol in Graphic design, and I think he knows a lot about what places there are in Bristol.
Clifton – SOMA-
(4 Boyce’s Ave)
It sells various beautiful items, and had a graphic, clean and print feel to it.
They do accept art, but are full at the moment until January.
They feature artists such as :
  • Donna wilson (knitted, quirky animals and creatures)
  • Louise Lockhart (print, bright)
  • Alice Pattullo
  • Anna Marrow
  • Tom Frost
  • Daisy Hurst
Paper smiths, on the corner from SOMA…
clean, graphic…. large premises and a load of different magazines and small press available to buy.
Pens and pencils with notebooks were simple with mono colour.
Here is Sids email – to ask for details on submissions.
We popped into UStudios…..
(35a Queens Road)
They usually get their designs from UStudios and their designers, or wholesale, however they were quite open for us to email and ask if they can accept submissions….
hvwheeler Helen – photo
Last one we visited was PITHAY, it was more in town however it was placed by a new (or closed) Beirkeller and a casino slots on the other side – exciting!
It opened up into a cafe, with a rough and ready feel, relaxed.
They have call offices above but apparently these are going to be bought up and changed into something a bit more creative. They are called Meanwhile Creative.
Currently, they have the Nest Gallery, which is through a door that looks as though you’re not allowed through it – there was a small room, dimly lit but that might have been for the current exhibit.
Exhibits are usually a collective, at £35 PP, however this was up for negotiation.
They’re booked up until January.
They were very keen to help with a launch party – you can rent the bar, order in your own drinks or have them to help too. At £10PH
It seemed a bit thrown together, however there were studios out the back (i spied a sewing and textiles activity going on).
You can also exhibit in the cafe.
Naomi was a person I was given contact details for – her mobile number is: 07762562910
below –
Richmond Terrace, Queens Rd, Bristol
Brewery owned the ‘Flicks’ video shop.
Helen for the photo – hvwheeler
We saw :
  • scarves
  • greeting cards
  • books
  • notebooks
  • original prints
  • framed work
  • small crafts e.g.. earrings, necklaces
  • ceramics
  • brooches
  • tea towels
  • magazines
“We are only limited by our ambitions for our own work” – Kieren 2016

 Notes from Liz and Tracy

Here Gallery, 108 B Stokes Croft, Bristol, BS1 3RU

Tel: 0117 9422 222

Note: closed on Mondays, but open Tues-Sat from 10.30am (til 6pm apart from Fri and Sat when close ay 5.30pm) and open Sun, 12-4pm

Lovely, independent book shop, been trrading for 13 years. Willing to accept independent publications (if he thinks they’re sellable) and already had a Cheltenham one, printed by Pittville Press. Styles and formats varied – hardback, self-published zines, graphic novels, comics, screen prints, cards, boxes of postcards, all sorts of media uses, plus artist monographs. Recommended bright/neon colours if we’re using riso. 50% commission on full price items, 45% sale. Does also take on sale or return basis.

Must have visual appeal – can see our joint publication, individual cards, self-published zines in here.


Merchant Street, Broadmead, Bristol BS1 3EE

Open Mon-Sat, 10-6pm; Sunday 11-5pm

When applying to be considered, they ask if individuals/groups email them a bit about yourself along with some good quality images of your work to

Fabulously set out, very inviting with a cafe and studios upstairs. Willing to accept independent publications, but currently not open for newcomers; however willing to accept again in new year. Many formats again celebrated- books, prints, clothing, vinyl, cards, jewellery, badges, clothing, tea towels etc. Again lots of styles seen. The Paper studios upstairs are open to public on Wednesdays and Saturdays

Room for lots of ideas where Flock’s brand may work, with individual work represented and as a whole.


On way back from Co-lab, we also noticed Blaze, which is an eclectic mix of artists and makers. This is based in Colston Street and is open Tuesday-Saturday, 10.30-5.30. Worth looking at their website:

They have what is called The Tiny Exhibition Space which is offered out at different times for hire. Artists can get one of the shop windows as part of the deal and they will accommodate a private view to launch the exhibition.

Contact here is Hattie Buckwell who is the Exhibition Space Manager; Tel: 01179047067

Other ideas – pop up stalls in charity shops – possibly cheaper; or if wall-based ie limited edition prints, could be framed to create an exhibition in cafes or empty shops. Local authorities are often keen to hire out empty shops whilst they are finding new occupants.

We also tried to find Jamaican Street Artists, but studio was closed to the public. However they were exhibiting in the Christmas Steps Gallery for a limited number of days.

Shop Foray

Ro Saul

We visited three shops in the Clifton area. This is the upmarket region of Bristol, and the shops reflected this in their layout and their appeal to the rich demography.


On initially entering the shop, I talked to the lady about placing work – she was not receptive to the idea, saying that their shop was ‘full up’ at the moment. The work itself was not very inspiring, I felt. Many original prints covered in plastic in display bins and a few frames to frame them in. Tea towels, scarves, greetings cards, some Perspex jewellery. I think Soma pride themselves on selling original work. Work that could be sold here:

  • Prints
  • Textiles: tea towels, scarves particularly
  • Cards


Objets de Desir

This shop is next door to Soma. The same size, but full of much zanier products. A lot more Perspex jewellery, hand made products made from wood and many porcelain things – spoons, dishes, necklaces. Also – more textiles: children’s clothing, tea towels and so on. It seems to be more an artists’ collective.

Difference was – a sense of humour seemed to be on display.

Work that could be sold here:

  • Textiles
  • Jewellery
  • Anything made with a sense of humour
  • Prints, cards, booklets
  • Ornaments – all year Christmas decorations


This is a beautiful stationery shop: an illustrator’s dream. Washi tapes in all colours, stunning pencils, pens, rubbers, scissors, rulers etc. But also, a wall of bijoux magazines, prints of original work, cards and books.

Work that could be sold here:

  • Anything that has a professional branding –

My idea: our collective ‘Flock’ could put together a really beautiful magazine concept, which we could then take highlights from to produce:

  • Book plates (similar to Dan’s recent ideas)
  • Covered notebooks
  • Colouring books
  • Washi tapes?!
  • Sets of pencils covered in boxes
  • Stylish Travel booklets
  • Posters/gift wrap

Urban Graphic

A card shop in the middle of Bristol – really fantastic footfall. The cards are ‘design led’ – illustrators with good sense of humour abound. Mainly cards, but leading up to Christmas, there are novelty gifts and wrapping paper.

Work that could be sold here:

  • Good, humorous cards
  • Wrapping paper (which could double as posters)
  • Coasters
  • Stickers

Pithay Studios

A coffee shop/bar with artists’ studio space above. A small, dark gallery in the back. Offered a launch party venue at £10 and hour. A couple of artists were displayed in the gallery, selling work. Not a place to sell branded items. A sweet venue – very Bristol. Has goldfish and giant bags of bread. We all paused to photograph/draw it. That should tell you: a. lot.




meet at Bristol school of art for short briefing – and plan.
We will meet outside the art college door as before
( we are in a different room this time )
meet back at 1.30 for debrief.

We will be doing these  things

1.Looking at the produce of certain shops and businesses to target .

2. Identifying the nature of their products to maybe steer towards outcomes we may produce

3.Checking certain venues and places as opportunities for events exhibitions pop up shop etc.

4.We will also be spotting and noting (too cold for proper drawing) the activities of people and how this activity is revealed and disclosed visually. quick notes while we investigate our targets .

I will give you a  map identifying where all the places to visit are and  why.

here is a list of them…. – I have a printout of this too.


PDF information

The simple version of the structure I suggest you use

Identify and define the nature of your creative practice and your ambitions for it.

Identify and list things you consider particularly important. identify where you would like to extend your skills , knowledge and experience .

This should be an opening paragraph –

you  evaluate …..all……

The work you look at and use to initiate experiments.

The experiments .

The drawings you produce

and the outcomes you consider and eventually produce .

In terms of your opening paragraph .


On Wednesday we will be in the studio

Tutorials for all and …drawing gestural figures ….

bring some (polite) suggestions for things doing -simple activities  which can be described in 3 or 4 actions.

10.00 – 11.00 – group recap of last week  and Angouleme and publication

11.00 – 12.00 studio drawing

12.00- 12.30 lunch break

12.30 – 2.30 studio drawing

week seven

reminder…this week we did some things to prepare for our drawing in the wild –

agreeing that we would spend more time drawing –

and catch up the following week – we may be able to find a cafe or something but chat time will be limited –

so this week I set a small challenge to look at a space and decide

what was happening and where – to illustrate that thought –

and to inform that illustration from a series of small drawings which describe and visualise -the what and where in various ways

– plans visualising not what you see but understand informed by what you see

– also descriptive detail etc – chosen because you feel that will assist your illustration – expressive response to your thought.

Practicing this space / place informed drawing notes .


suggested brief…… A  3 hour journey through the city or part of the city – sequenced by time – (10 min.)subjective view point. collecting a range of kinds of drawings – to inform a piece of work which investigates your observations and shares/communicates your thoughts appropriate to the development of your practice.

We will meet at 10.00

College Green, Gloucester GL1 2LR



Thanks to  Eris for letting us see his narrative drawing PDF……


On a Fortified Island, the Night Watch 1941 by Edward Ardizzone 1900-1979imagebooks040711_01ardizzone-edward-1900-1978-uni-the-cyclists-3169905-500-500-3169905The Departure 1931 by Edward Ardizzone 1900-1979The Bedroom 1931 by Edward Ardizzone 1900-1979Oldgotham-5Oldgotham-2Heap-House-Gustav-Dore-LondonGustav Dore's illustration 01gotham-4gotham-1


Wednesday 26th……
can we meet outside the
The Bristol School Of Arts at 9.50
aiming to start talking at 10.00 am
11.00 – 1.30 ……………………………Drawing Bristol
1.30 The Bristol School Of Arts



Tutorials and studio – session -experimenting with the results of your Enquiry


Bracketing – subjectivity


ref Ronald Searle’s Paris Sketch book.


An illustrated subjective observation.

For  examples of the more detached observer

Vermeer – Hopper and Henri CartierBresson

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Enquiry  from  Phenomenology of Perception Merleau-Ponty


the objective world and the experienced world.

 Sensing, in contrast with knowing, is a

“living communication with the world that makes it present to us as the familiar place of our life”

investing the perceived world with meanings and values that refer essentially to our bodies and lives.

The drawing this week will continue this line of enquiry….

as usual an annoying man’s face occupies too much of the film – but if you look over his shoulder you get an idea of the scale and scope of the painting.

also if you can watch …

its available on the iplayer for 25 days

it is a neo realist film which, amongst other things is  a very subtle and controlled use of  aesthetics and visual devices  giving  the impression of naturalness , reality and truth.


Start date

Wednesday 28th September

Part time Module CATs
Sem1  Narrative Drawing 30
Sem2 Professional Development
Sem3  Research and Context 30
Sem4  Mechanisms and Methodology 30
Sem5 Major Project

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