Lucy’s American adventure

Study Abroad Spring Semester 2012
My name is Lucy Hill. I am 21 years old. This Spring semester of 2012 I went on a life changing semester abroad. 
I have always wanted to study abroad in America. 
  When I discovered this opportunity to go Elizabethtown in Pennsylvania, I couldn’t say no to it. 
There was a list of other schools in America I could have gone to. However there was something about Elizabethtown that drew me to it. I had already met students who studied abroad over here. This is how I found out about this incredible opportunity. So it was  also lucky as I already knew one or two students at the college. Even so it was a daunting yet exciting prospect once I finally learned that I had been accepted to Elizabethtown. My first initial reaction was excitement. But once I was on the plane, and finally at the college the nerves started kicking in. However they went away as soon as I met my International Peer Ambassador. He was very welcoming. These are a handful of students who will help you adjust to college life and the culture. But since I have been to America before I was rather adjusted to the culture. I had just never been away from home for this long amount of time. 
There are many other international students studying there from all around the world. They are extremely friendly and willing to help you if you have any questions about the college or if you are lost. I found that you should never not ask for help if you were stuck. Even the college students in my classes were helpful. 
The professors were also very friendly and would help you if you weren’t sure as they used terms I wasn’t accustomed too such as “take home tests”. But they were the only problems me and my friends faced, the slangs and phrases that I would slip into conversations initially confused them but they love the british accent so they would just laugh at me. I didn’t mind at all as I would find it funny too. Most of them were fluent in English so luckily there was no problem with the language barrier. 
The college eventually felt like home after a month or so. As most study abroad students say the first month is the hardest as you realize you are so far away from home. Luckily for me I had some amazing friends to help me overcome my homesickness.  And it also helps if you enjoy the classes. You can change them or transfer into a different class if you didn’t like it. I took art courses that related to illustration as they didn’t actually have that course per-say. So I took elements of my course. I did Advanced printmaking, drawing, painting and modernism. I have always been wanting to learn about history of art as I have never had the chance to take the class before. It was really interesting as I also learnt a bit about American history too in the class. Printmaking had to be my favorite class. My professor taught me so much. He was very knowledgeable about it and made the class fun. They are a slightly tougher on attendance so I missed none of my classes the whole semester. Plus I really enjoyed them. My drawing definitely improved from having frequent life drawing classes.
I learnt to control my drawing. 
In painting I learnt how to stretch my own canvases and also gained new painting skills. The group crits in painting, drawing and printmaking were very useful. Especially when your fellow students had an input. Painting was a very small class altogether there were only four of us, so our professor had a lot of time to talk to us individually. As in drawing. The nice thing about the classes was that we had individual time with the professors.
I also participated in the Elizabethtown student art show. People bought some of our work too which was a bonus!
I also got to go on various trips to New York and even to a ski resort near the school in January when there was still snow. They were all great fun! I also had Spring Break and Easter Recess where I spent them with my international friends. And during Easter I stayed with my friend Christine and her family with one of my good friends Danny from Vietnam.
I thoroughly recommend studying abroad in America. I have had some amazing experiences and gained many wonderful memories and friends from this experience. I also have gained friends for life from all over the world!
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